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Pure Air ER: Where Every Breath Matters

We're Pure Air ER, and we started our journey back in October 2013 with a big goal: to make a real difference in the local environmental service market. We wanted to offer a fast, fair, and friendly approach that truly stands out. By empowering our customers with knowledge and information, we help them protect their families, businesses, and properties from indoor air quality threats and water damage.

Golden Rule

Our "Golden Rule" philosophy has been the key to our steady growth, transforming our small, family-owned business from humble beginnings into a company with a growing base of happy customers year after year. The heart of our business has been built on satisfied customer referrals, one healthy home and business at a time.

Jon and Karen

Jon and Karen Hartley

Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service starts with the first phone call and doesn’t stop until the job is done. We handle any indoor air quality concern with the latest technology to protect your family, employees, or clients. Unlike most companies that specialize in just one or two services, we offer a complete indoor air quality package, giving you multiple solutions. We tackle everything from radon gas and toxic mold to volatile organic compounds, air duct contamination, negative odors, bacteria, and cross-contamination among building occupants. Plus, we also provide water restoration services to handle basement flooding, burst pipes, and other water damage issues. We work hard to protect your home, business, family, and assets.


Air and Water

Pure Air Environmental is your go-to for odor removal, mold testing and remediation, radon testing and mediation, air quality solutions, and water restoration services in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we create fresh and healthy indoor environments for homes and businesses.

Our team of experts uses advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to effectively eliminate odors, improve air quality, and restore water-damaged properties. We understand the unique needs of the Indianapolis and central Indiana communities and strive to provide solutions tailored to our valued customers. Whether you're dealing with pet odors, smoke smells, basement flooding, burst pipes, or any other unwanted issues, we have the expertise to tackle them all. Trust Pure Air ER for reliable odor removal, air quality services, and water restoration in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Pure Air Environmental

Our Mission

Keeping your indoor air environment safe from airborne chemicals is our number one goal. Today's environment is full of unsafe and unseen hazardous chemicals which can pose serious health problems for you, your family, your employees, and your clients. Our proven solutions will eliminate these dangerous concerns, keeping your family, employees, or clients safe from harmful pathogens, allergens, gases, VOC, or biological growth concerns. We form a diverse group of individuals, all focused on one common goal…improving indoor air quality one home or business at a time because, after all, every breath does matter.


Jon Hartley

Marketing Director


Karen Hartley

Operations Director


Jake Griffith

General Manager


Misty Jones

Sales Director

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